Dominic N Dagbanja


Dr Dominic Dagbanja

Dr Dominic Dagbanja

Dr. Dominic N. Dagbanja is a Lecturer in Law at the University of Western Australia Law School. He previously worked at the University of Manchester Law School as a Research Associate and was Lecturer in Law at Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration where he taught Contract Management and Legal Environment for Business. He practised law with the corporate and commercial law firm of Bentsi-Enchill, Letsa & Ankomah, in Accra, Ghana. He has published extensively on international investment law and public procurement law in peer-reviewed journals and yearbooks, including:  transnational Legal Theory, The Oxford University Commonwealth Law Journal, African Journal of International and Comparative Law, Journal of African Law and Yearbook on International Investment Law and Policy. He is also the author of The Law of Public Procurement in Ghana (Lambert Academic Publishing 2011)..

List of publications:

Dominic N. Dagbanja “The Regulatory Framework for Public Procurement in Ghana” in G. Quinot & S. Arrowsmith (eds) Public Procurement Regulation in Africa (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013) 77

Dominic N. Dagbanja “An Exposition of the Law on Suspension of Procurement Proceedings and Performance of Procurement Contracts in Ghana” Ghana Internet Law Review: 2012/1. Available at

Dominic N. Dagbanja The Law of Public Procurement in Ghana: Law, Policy and Practice (Saarbrücken: Lap Lambert Academic Publishing AG & Co Kg, 2011).

Dominic N. Dagbanja “The Nature and Scope of Contractor Qualification Systems: A Cross-Jurisprudential Inquiry” 7 Journal of Contract Management (Summer, 2009) 65. Available at