Public procurement in South Africa is currently undergoing reform in light of major challenges facing the country and its procurement system. In his report for the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into State Capture, South Africa’s Chief Justice Zondo noted that “any serious attempt to address the problems which beset public procurement must go well beyond state capture. It must assess the adequacy of the procurement framework which is set out in the national legislation, to see whether that framework is compatible with the realities on the ground or whether there are fundamental design deficiencies.” The Chief Justice continued to state that the “process of reform requires a coherent and comprehensive plan of action which needs to bring the public and private sectors together in a joint initiative to restore proper standards and discipline within the procurement system”.

APLU wants to assist in convening such a national conversation on the future of South Africa’s public procurement system by hosting a series of public procurement (law) reform workshops.

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Starting in 2020, the Law Faculty at Stellenbosch University will offer the first postgraduate programmes focusing on public procurement regulation on the African continent. Through the associated African Procurement Law Unit, the Stellenbosch Law Faculty will draw on its high level of expertise in the area of public procurement law – both at a domestic and international level – to provide cutting-edge professional training in one of the most dynamic and fast-developing areas of law globally, with a distinct African focus.

The programmes are aimed specifically at equipping students with the necessary expert knowledge and professional skills to excel in the workforce. The structure of the programmes allows students to complete postgraduate studies with a focus on professional procurement law practice and gain additional professional skills, including focused research and communications skills, specific to procurement legal practice.

More information on the new programmes, including on how to apply can be found on the SU Faculty of Law website at this link.

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