APPRRU Deputy Director Williams-Elegbe recognised as one of the top researchers at SU

Dr Sope Williams-Elegbe of APPRRU was recognised as one of 92 researchers at Stellenbosch University who made the largest contribution to accredited publications and doctoral graduates at the university based on their 2012 outputs.

A total of 92 researchers performed in one or more of the three categories that were used for this purpose. With regards to accredited publications, two categories were taken into account, namely SU researchers who made the largest contribution with regards to the South African Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET)`s research publication subsidy units (cut-off 3.96 units), and SU researchers who produced the largest number of accredited research publications in collaboration with their national and international research partners and students (cut-off 10 publications) – in both categories the 2012 output year information was used. In this round, a third category was introduced that gives recognition to the contribution of researchers who produced 2 or more PhD`s in 2013.

Prof Eugene Cloete, Vice Rector (Research and Innovation) stated that publications and doctoral graduates are the most important outputs of SU researchers. “These activities contribute greatly to the expansion of the reputation of SU as an outstanding research university. More important is the fact that new knowledge generated at SU is being transferred to a worldwide audience in this way, and ensures the application of research results and the establishment of high-level human capacity”. Prof Cloete furthermore thanked SU researchers for their exceptional contribution to SU`s research efforts and mentioned that researchers who produce these types of outputs of the highest quality can be regarded as one of the most important assets at any university.

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