Flowing from the first workshop, the following five workstreams have been established to continue working on specific topics that have been identified as priority areas for engagement.

Stream 1

Institutional arrangements

Relevant issues include:

  • centralised vs decentralised arrangements;
  • role of accounting officers/ authorities;
  • capacity development;
  • oversight structures

Stream 2

Procurement Integrity

Relevant issues include:

  • debarment;
  • whistle blowing;
  • procurement data publication;
  • liability of officials and indemnity;
  • integrity pacts

Stream 3

Targeted procurement

Relevant issues include:

  • mechanisms to pursue policy objectives through procurement;
  • sustainable public procurement;
  • procurement as an empowerment tool;
  • procurement and economic development;
  • balancing various objectives

Stream 4

Procedures & Efficiency

Relevant issues include:

  • the desirable menu of procurement methods;
  • e-procurement;
  • qualification and award criteria;
  • procuring for innovation; commercial agility;
  • linking procurement to projects,
  • needs and outcomes;
  • demand and contract management

Stream 5

Dispute resolution

Relevant issues include:

  • types of dispute resolution mechanisms;
  • administrative vs judicial remedies;
  • disputing timeframes;
  • standing to challenge;
  • balancing compliance with commercial efficiency

Any person is welcome join any of the workstreams and contribute to its work.

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