Law Faculty Trust Chair of Social Justice, Stellenbosch University and former Public Protector of the Republic of South Africa


(Detailed programme will follow in due course)

Ester Kuugongelwa The role of procurement in meeting the sustainable development goals – a case study on Namibia
Sope Williams-Elegbe Public procurement and blockchain technology
Geo Quinot Holding procurement officials to account for irregular (but not corrupt) procurement decisions
Jonathan Klaaren Gauteng Finance Management Bill
A.M. Adedayo The troubled life of public procurement in Nigeria’s energy sector – time for a wake-up call?
Belita Manka &

Collin Swan

Risky business: can debarment against poor performers mitigate future performance risk?
Jarosław Kola Public procurement as a tool of conducting development policy in emerging markets– example of Poland
Tetyana Loskutova,

Gary van Vuuren &

Pieter Claassen

Counterparty risk management using smart contracts on blockchain
Ama Eyo Framework agreements in public procurement in Africa: progress and limitations
Annika Engelbert Law in books and law in action: how to empower the anti-corruption potential of public procurement systems
Luana F. J. Swensson Aligning policy and legal frameworks for supporting smallholder farming through public food procurement
Faith Mbabazi Causes of low bidder participation in government procurement in Uganda
Dave Wickens Cost-effectiveness as a design principle for regulatory reform
Tetyana Loskutova Information availability and reliability in anti-bribery work
Lara Adewunmi The influence of professionalism in the Nigeria public procurement system
Elisabetta Morlino Remedies in procurement by international organizations: what effectiveness?
Emanuele Colonnelli,

Francesco Loiacono &

Edwin Muhumuza

Information and reputation: evidence from administrative data and a randomized controlled trial in Uganda
Dominic Npoanlari Dagbanja The investment treaty regime and public procurement regulatory autonomy
Barbara Makhosazana (Seate) Masilela Reform of public procurement systems
Faith Mbabazi Monitoring the ‘big spenders’ as a strategy to promote value for money in public procurement
Kingsley Udeh Blueprint for designing an effective bidder remedies regime
Allison Anthony Law in practice: a call for reform in public procurement capacity
Sandeep Verma (How not to undertake?) Reform of public procurement systems: some insights & lessons from real-life procurement cases and experiences in India
Cliff Gondo The determinants of and prerequisites for turning procurement officers into professionals: the case of Zimbabwe
Olga Martin-Ortega and Claire O’Brien Procurement and human rights: beyond buying social
Larence Folliot-Lalliot Adapting procurement reforms in a disruptive environment
Kyle Jordaan Preference contracts in the tender process: a tripartite classification
Nika Soon-Shiong Public procurement and implementing agents: the middlemen in charge of school infrastructure.
Lauren Kohn Supplier remedies and administrative review
Sanjeev Narinanen E-procurement in Africa
Sara Valaguzza Anticorruption policies in public procurement regulation: nudging public vs public
Neli Garbuzanova Whole-cycle procurement approach
George Nwangwu The management of risks in the procurement of privately financed infrastructure projects in Nigeria
Andrea Sundstrand Labour conditions in Swedish public procurement
Annamaria La Chimia Procurement in the Global South: where the boundaries of procurement are pushed, and new systems are tested
Willard T Mugadza


The role of Electoral Management Bodies in enhancing Democracy in Africa through Procurement: The case of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission
Mario E. Comba Transparency in the 2014 EU Directives on public procurement: different approaches from Member States and a view from Francophone Africa


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