Dr David Wickens


Mr David Wickens

Dr David Wickens

Dr David Wickens is a director of an ICT consulting company in Johannesburg, South Africa. His consulting assignments over the last 15 years have been as transaction advisor for the contracting of ICT outsourcing, goods and services in both the private and public sectors. He holds a BSc(Hons) in Mathematics from UCT, LLB from UNISA and LLD from North West University (Potchefstroom) (the full dissertation can be accessed here >>).

Dave’s LLD research aimed at clarifying the meaning of cost-effectiveness as an objective of public procurement in general; its meaning and relative priority as a constitutional standard in the South African context; and the efficacy of the South African regulatory framework in the achievement of cost-effectiveness. The primary research question was the extent to which the current regulatory framework for public tender evaluation enables the achievement of cost-effectiveness within the South African context. The study took the form of a comparative analysis between South African regulation and that in the UK being an implementation of the EU directives. The analysis is aimed at identifying the differences between, or the absence or presence of, regulatory constraints on tender evaluation processes and the effect on promoting or frustrating the achievement of cost-effectiveness.

Dr Kingsley Tochukwu Udeh


Kingsley Udeh

Kingsley Udeh


Kingsley has a Doctor of Laws (LLD) degree from Stellenbosch University. His doctoral research was on Comparative Study of the Effectiveness of Bidder Remedies in South Africa and Nigeria (the full dissertation can be found here.). His LLM, from the University of Nottingham, covered modules that included: Public Procurement in the EU and International Trade Law, Public Procurement Law, International Trade Finance, World Trading System, International Investment Law, and International Disputes Settlement. The Master’s dissertation, on critical appraisal of Kenya bidder remedies system, was awarded a distinction.

He is a legal practitioner, Notary Public, and consultant, with over 12 years’ experience in providing consultancy services in public procurement and public finance management regulation to national and international organisations, including UNICEF (and other UN agencies) and DFID, as Lead Procurement Consultant. In 2017, Enugu State Government appointed him as the Senior Special Assistant to the State Governor on Development Aid Coordination and Mobilization.  He is a lecturer with Baze University, Abuja, Nigeria; and a former lecturer with the Nigerian Law School. He has been an active member of the African Procurement Law Unit of Stellenbosch University since its creation in 2012; and serves in the editorial committee of the African Public Procurement Law Journal. He is also a member of the Procurement Law Academic Network. Kingsley has several publications in international scholarly journals and in relevant academic books.



Dr Allison Anthony

Following the successful completion of her pioneering LLM study in the regulation of construction procurement in the public sector, Allison registered in 2016 for a doctoral study to continue her research in this field. In her doctoral dissertation, Allison asked whether a relational understanding of construction procurement in South Africa assists in formulating regulation for this area of public procurement. She successfully completed her study in 2017 and was awarded the doctoral degree in 2018. Allison is currently a senior lecturer in the University of South Africa School of Law. In 2021, she published the first dedicated academic work on construction procurement law in South Africa with Juta & Co.



Student: Ms A Anthony

Supervisor: Prof P Bolton

University: Stellenbosch University

Status: Completed in 2013, the thesis is available here >>


Student: Ms A Anthony

Supervisor: Prof P Bolton & Prof G Quinot

University: Stellenbosch University

Status: Completed in 2017, the dissertation is available here >>