Mr David Wickens

LLD project: The evaluation of public procurement tenders for cost-effectiveness

Student: Mr David Wickens

Supervisor: Prof Stephen de la Harpe

University: North West University (Potchefstroom)

Status: Ongoing

Mr David Wickens

Mr David Wickens

Mr David Wickens is a director of an ICT consulting company in Johannesburg, South Africa. His consulting assignments over the last 15 years have been as transaction advisor for the contracting of ICT outsourcing, goods and services in both the private and public sectors. He holds a BSc(Hons) in Mathematics from UCT and LLB from UNISA.

Dave’s research is aimed at clarifying the meaning of cost-effectiveness as an objective of public procurement in general; its meaning and relative priority as a constitutional standard in the South African context; and the efficacy of the South African regulatory framework in the achievement of cost-effectiveness. The primary research question is the extent to which the current regulatory framework for public tender evaluation enables the achievement of cost-effectiveness within the South African context. The study takes the form of a comparative analysis between South African regulation and that in the UK being an implementation of the EU directives. The analysis is aimed at identifying the differences between, or the absence or presence of, regulatory constraints on tender evaluation processes and the effect on promoting or frustrating the achievement of cost-effectiveness.

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